Women's Health Awareness Week

/ 11/05/2012 /

women's healthMother’s Day was this past Sunday and, coincidentally, May 13th through May19th is National Women’s Health Week. In honor of women everywhere, we'd like to offer up some tips and ideas for the women in our lives.

Why is National Women's Health Week So Important?

How often have we heard our mothers talk about the people she cares for and how busy she is? Do they take as much time out to themselves, as much as they do for their families? Women -- and not just mothers -- do need to remember to take care of their own physical and mental health to strike a good balance between their families and their selves.

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), heart disease, cancer, and stroke are still the leading causes of death for females. The real tragedy is that so many of these cases can be prevented.

Women's Health: Take Action!

Womenshealth.gov has advised women to take action this year with their 2012 campaign, “It’s Your Time!”

The campaign brings attention to all aspects of women's health:

  • Bone
  • Breast
  • Colorectal
  • Heart
  • Reproductive and sexual

Along with regular check-ups and preventive screenings, womenshealth.gov encourages women to become active and eat healthfully.

Other important tips:

  • Don't forget about mental health -- this includes getting enough sleep and managing stress
  • Avoid unhealthy behaviors such as smoking or drinking to excess
  • Engage in healthy habits such as wearing seatbelts and bicycle helmets, getting started in the day with easy morning yoga, or getting a massage!

Hopefully, we don't have to twist anyone's arm too much about any of the above, especially getting a massage! Try to find some time. When it comes to women's health, do what women do best -- care.

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