Halloween Memories Start With Safety

/ 04/10/2012 /


Halloween is coming. So, perhaps, are memories that will stay with you and your kids for life!

However, Halloween raises important health and safety issues particularly for those with children, considering the candy and nighttime adventuring that goes hand-in-hand with this popular holiday.

One of the safest ways to enjoy the celebration is to trust in your instincts and to use common sense. But you can never be too safe.

Please read on through the safety checklist for things you might have missed.


Checklist for Halloween Safety


1. Know Where Your Children Will Be At All Times

  1. Set a time to be home.
  2. Make sure they know the importance of calling home if they will be delayed or plans change even a little.
  3. Know who they will be with and what functions they will be attending. If they are hanging out with friends, make sure you’ve met the parents.
  4. Make sure they have a fully charged cell phone.
  5. If your older children are driving, make sure they have a full tank of gas so they don’t get stuck somewhere at night.

Plan your route if trick-or-treating.

Accompany your child(ren) if you can, or find another trusted adult(s) to do so. If you will not be going with them, know their route. Have them check in with phone calls every hour or stopping back at home.

Sponsored events with a crowd of people are no safer.

Halloween-themed events at community centers, churches, theme parks, and other public areas are not necessarily safer:

·      Attackers often know the event will be taking place and can plan their crimes

·      There are bound to be people you don’t know personally

·      The crowd makes it easier to conceal wrongdoing

It is harder to keep an eye on your children at all times, especially in an environment that you may not be completely familiar with.


2. Check the Costumes

Make sure of the following:

  • They are fire-proof or treated with flame retardant
  • They have eye holes generous enough for good peripheral vision
  • They do not have dangerously dangling pieces that could get caught on something
  • They are not long enough to trip the wearer
  • Any props (such as light sabers, swords, etc.) have tips that are flexible and not sharp enough to hurt someone if they fall

Try to work in some reflective tape or flashing lights. Do they have a flashlight as well?

Try to add accessories to make your children easier to spot in a crowd. (Their costumes will also be more original!)


3. Double-Check Your Child(ren)’s Behavior


Remind them about strangers and how to behave around them.

They should be very familiar with the following:

  • Do not go into stranger’s houses or cars, no matter what is being offered
  • Do not follow strangers
  • If someone attacks them, scream as loud as they can and try to run to safety

Teach them that “tricks” are not mean.

This includes helping them understand that vandalism, hurting people, and hurting animals will not be tolerated – not by you, and not by the law.

Give them a full belly before they go out.

They will be more alert. They will also be less likely to snack on candy before they bring it home to have it checked.


4. Check For Registered Sex Offenders

The Dru Sjodin National Sex Offender Public Website (NSOPW) is a national database of registered sex offenders. Check your neighborhood and the areas you will be in with your child(ren) – and make sure to avoid the addresses with registered offenders.

Use the “Advanced Search” option. On the “Standard Search” page, instead of typing in a name, select “click here” for Advanced Search, wherein you can search by area.

If the link above does not work, copy and paste the following into the address bar of your browser: http://www.nsopw.gov/Core/OffenderSearchCriteria.aspx?Advanced=1

Alternately, you can do a search of the sex offender registry in your jurisdiction. Select your state or area here at http://www.nsopw.gov/Core/PublicRegistrySites.aspx


Making happy memories starts with safety. Have fun out there. Stop by your Re:sourxe store for some Halloween-themed items and info before the end of the month rolls around!