Fair Trade: Certifiably Good Coffee and Goods

/ 06/09/2012 /

The United States consumes one-fifth of all the world’s coffee. That’s a lot of coffee! In fact, we are the largest coffee consumer in the world.

Each day, as we are sipping our lattés, espressos, and cappuccinos, how often do we consider the environmental and sociological footprint of this simple act?

·      Where did the beans come from?

·      How do the agricultural practices used to obtain these beans impact the ecosystem?

·      How does our country’s consumption of coffee affect the lives of the people whose livelihoods rely on coffee production?

Re:sourxe by Sodexo Is Committed To Fair and Responsible Trade

Re:sourxe by Sodexo  is proud to source products from vendors, such as Bamboo Trading Company, who are actively involved in fair trade and environmentally and socially responsible practices. Sodexo’s position as a global business leader and one of the biggest employers in the world offers a special opportunity to promote these high standards in a way that can make a difference across the world.

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taj mahal

Re:sourxe offers a wide range of products that meet our stringent qualifications.  These include products made with renewable materials and with ingredients obtained through sustainable agricultural methods. In addition, we continue to make eco-conscious choices for our for Re:sourxe stores, kiosks, and other facilities.

Choosing Fair Trade products means:

·      Farmers get greater profits for their harvested goods

·      Higher social standards which supports higher standards of living –and working – for workers in developing countries, such as some coffee-producing countries

·      Higher environmental standards that help protect sensitive ecosystems where products like coffee are grown

How Do You Know If It’s Fair Trade?

The Fair Trade Principles include fair prices, fair labor conditions, direct trade, democratic and transparent organizations, community development, and environmental sustainability.

Look out for the Fair Trade Certified label on Sodexo’s products that have met the strict standards put forth by TransFair USA.

Sodexo carries products that are Fair Trade Certified and Rainforest Alliance Certified.

Essentially, this means that when you purchase coffee or a wide range of nature-based products from a Sodexo healthcare retailer, you can do so in good conscience.