Continuous Innovation Driving Re:sourxe by Sodexo

/ 15/02/2012 /

At the Denver Wellness and Nutrition Center, registered dietitians and nutritional specialists partner with a diverse client base to navigate the increasingly complex wellness maze. Through nutritional counseling and weight management programs, the Center creates individualized programs to help their clients live their best nutritional life.

The stand-alone, Sodexo-owned Center also has a new partner: Re:sourxe by Sodexo

As Health Care’s newest retail offer, Re:sourxe was created to offer health and wellness products within hospitals and other healthcare settings. It delivers a world class retail experience by combining wellness-focused products together with best practices and state-of-the-art design and technology.


Since July, Re:sourxe and the Wellness Center have been piloting a “mini-store” concept that features diet & nutrition books, small fitness equipment, and aromatherapy products for sale. The shop is located directly in the Center lobby, allowing customers to purchase products referenced in their session before leaving the facility.


Mini-stores are attractive, stand-alone point-of-purchase areas that require limited wall or floor space – but provide a surprisingly diverse and location-relevant selection of products, books or gifts. If successful, the concept will be rolled out to hospitals that extend their services to off-site patient clinics, medical office buildings and physician offices.


“On most hospital campuses, consumers and patients are often dispersed, without an opportunity to visit a physical retail store location,” says Jennifer Thompson, a Sodexo senior director for the Re:sourxe Brand Management team.


“Unfortunately, that results in lost opportunities for hospitals. Patients lose the convenience of purchasing relevant products their physicians recommend. And the hospitals lose a valuable revenue stream.”


The mini-store is the latest in a series of off-site Re:sourxe innovations that infuse contemporary, world-class retail practices into the hospital footprint. Currently, the Re:sourxe brand offers stand-alone kiosks (staffed by professionally trained associates) and a 24-hour automated retail option which requires no staffing. Also coming soon will be a vibrant e-commerce platform.


With the Denver Wellness Center initiative gaining traction, Jennifer sees real opportunity for the mini- store model.


“We are always seeking new ways to help our hospital clients enhance their brand, improve the experiences of patients and guests, and support patient compliance efforts,” adds Jennifer. “Our off-site solutions have out- standing potential to drive all of these, as well as incremental revenue.”