Brain Health Awareness

/ 22/03/2012 /

brain health awarenessBrain Health Awareness

Brain Awareness Week (BAW) is a worldwide effort to encourage awareness about brain health and nervous system research.

Every March, BAW recognizes globally the work of organizations which advance research and ultimately knowledge about the brain and central nervous system.  Events include, but are not limited to, open labs, lectures, exhibitions, and gatherings at a local level. These events are presented with the hope of accomplishing several goals, some of which are listed below:
        Inspiring a new generation of potential scientists
    •    Contributing to the overall health of the public by promoting awareness
    •    Improving the basic understanding of brain functionality
    •    Encouraging the support of medical research and the advancement of knowledge

Even as you read this, your brain is working. It is transmitting and receiving electrical impulses as you read, check an email, or say hello to a colleague. It is a truly amazing component of the human physiology. Re:sourxe challenges you to learn something new everyday that will help you provide better care for your patients, and a better working environment for your fellow healthcare professionals.

If you would like to learn more about the amazing brain or the week named in its honor you may read more here.