April 22 is Earth Day 2012!

/ 19/04/2012 /

Earth Day 2012In this year’s efforts to “Mobilize the Earth,” the Earth Day Network is collecting A Billion Acts of GreenTM -– from small individual acts to organizational initiatives. And, of course, Earth Day is a valuable opportunity for Re:sourxe and our network of health care workers to highlight the importance of sustainability.


As a retail solution, this means partnering with suppliers whose sustainability ideals align with those of Re:sourxe. It also means promoting the products made with sustainable materials.


Re:sourxe Choice Material: Bamboo


Bamboo is amazingly strong, durable, and beautiful for construction and so many areas of everyday living. It is also an ideal choice for Earth Day sustainability efforts because it is a highly renewable resource.



  • Is one of the fastest-growing plants on the planet
  • Matures in 3~5 years vs. other soft woods at 10~20 years
  • Generates 35% more oxygen than trees
  • Purifies the atmosphere and soil it grows in

Bamboo-fiber fabric:

  • Breathes well
  • Is soft – less coarse than hemp, burlap, and linen
  • Is elastic
  • Readily accepts dyes, so less colorant is needed

Re:sourxe featured products this month include Amoena bamboo headwear. Amoena headscarves are light, strong, and have super abilities to wick moisture away from the head. Other bamboo products include bamboo-pot flower gardens and bath accessories, such as bath brushes made of natural bamboo wood.


Why Re:sourxe Needs You for Earth Day


The visibility of Re:sourxe stores and kiosks, as well as the vast numbers that Re:sourxe serves – including health care management, employees, and patients – ensures that any actions taken will reverberate. Let’s continue to do our part for our patients and our global community by taking care of Mother Earth.


Please stay tuned to our blog for updates on Earth Day, as well as profiles of some of our featured Earth Day suppliers.