Designed for Success

Re:sourxe by Sodexo kiosks are handsomely designed with the modern look and feel comparable to what you would expect to see in a new airport or a high-end shopping mall. The design is flexible enough to be placed in areas of your hospital campus where the main store location may be inconvenient or a vital location where real estate does not exist for a full store. It is ideal for facilities with multiple entrances.

Re:sourxe kiosks are highly flexible, so merchandise can be tailored to a specific hospital department or location within the facility. For example, if the kiosk is near your OB-GYN department, it would feature Mother& Baby items including our extensive line of lactation products.

With a secondary retail location, your hospital stays on top of patient compliance by providing discharged patients and outpatients a convenient place to purchase products their physicians recommend for home recovery.

Your employees are regular customers, as well.  So, the kiosks are an additional way to satisfy staff, while improving the experience of your patients and guests.